Zuke's Power Bones: Keep Your Dog Moving

Posted by Mateja Lane

Heading out for a five-day backpacking trip this summer? Make sure you pack Zuke's Power Bones so your dog can keep up. 

Zuke's Power Bones were created with the active dog in mind. The treat company, out of Durango, Colorado, discovered the perfect combination of natural ingredients to give your dog the necessary energy to keep up with you on your adventure.

Zuke's Power Bones were the first treats created by the company back in 1995 and come in three flavors: Tasty Chicken Recipe, Tasty Beef Recipe, and Fresh Peanut Butter Recipe. Each flavor has the right amount of carbs in the forms of fruits and vegetables; combined with coconut oil for sustained energy and calories, your dog will be ready to hike up hill all day.

All the nutrients are from the whole-food ingredients- "no artificial colors, flavors or added animal fat."

Feed your dog Zuke's Power Bones before, during, or after prolonged activity and your dog will feel energized all day.

Get your Zuke's Power Bones here, and check out how my own dog Boone the Coonhound likes them.

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Zuke's Power Bones: Keep Your Dog Moving