Zilker Bark in Austin, Texas Brings Local Dogs into the Limelight

Posted by Mateja Lane

Every town should have their own Zilker Bark to document the amazing dogs in their communities. 

Amazing pictures of your dog are keepsakes for every dog owner. And every dog owner admits they wish they documented their dog's life more religiously. That is where Alex Hopes of Zilker Bark comes in.

Alex is a young photographer in Austin, Texas who is really just trying to make ends meet while doing what he loves: taking amazing photos. He moved to Austin with his rescue dog named Sid and has since been trying to make photography his main source of income.

In 2015, Alex started taking portraits of all the dogs who play at Austin's gorgeous Zilker Park and started the Instagram account @zilkerbark. His photos and videos soon became the talk of all dog owners in Austin, of which there are plenty.

Alex has since started Zilker Bark Dog Photography and has made a name for himself within the Austin dog community. He is an expert at taking dog portraits and many local dog owners are grateful to have him documenting their furry babies' lives. Myself included.

Alex does an awesome job introducing dogs in the community to other Austin dog owners.

If you frequent Zilker Park, it isn't strange to hear, "Oh, I think I saw a picture of your dog on Zilker Bark. He's so cute!"

Alex is usually hanging around the park with his dogs in tow, his camera around his neck, and a pocket full of treats. He will ask your permission to take a photo of your dog and then ask about your dog's story.

Alex shares stories that are truly inspiring. This story that he posted of Georgia, a local pit bull that was rescued in Houston from deplorable conditions, is especially incredible.

Georgia was found by a former policeman who was called to a gang shooting seven years ago in Houston. She was found locked in a steel cage with her face scabbed up from cockroaches eating at her fur. Her rescuer, and now owner, took her home, gave her many baths, and got her medical care. Eight years later, Georgia is the happiest and most grateful little pup that now frequents Zilker Park.

As dog owners, we are used to seeing and hearing incredible survival stories about the resilience of man's best friend. But to know that Georgia the sweet little pit bull has been put through such trials and tribulations so close to home truly resonates with Austin dog owners.

This is the beauty of Alex voicing these stories through his social media channels. And I'm sure it is stories like these that make Alex's "job" (because it's one we all wish we had) that much more rewarding.

Be sure to give Zilker Bark a follow on Facebook and Instagram. If you love dogs, these incredible photos, videos, and stories will be a welcome part of your day no matter where you live.

Do you follow Zilker Bark? What do you think of his photos? Let us know in the comments below!

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Zilker Bark in Austin, Texas Brings Local Dogs into the Limelight