Ziggy the Pig LOVES the Beach

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Watch this famous pig do his happy dance at the beach!

Ziggy the Traveling Piggy has made headlines as he trots the globe with his owners. He has his own YouTube channel, showcasing videos of him frolicking through the Caribbean and U.S. on land and in an RV.

His owners report that his favorite place is the beach. And what is a pig supposed to do when he sees an opportunity to roll around in the sand? Well, roll in it!

Check out Ziggy's wiggle waggle happy dance at the water's edge:

Just when you think he's done, he gets up and rolls around some more! He fits an oink in there, too.

The owners will certainly need to hose him off before snuggling up in the RV at night. But maybe sand is easier to wash off a happy piggy than mud.

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Ziggy the Pig LOVES the Beach