You're Breaking Up With Me Because, Pet Trend
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"You're Breaking Up With Me Because": The Pet Trend Sweeping The Internet


Pets can have strong personalities, but would you break up because of them? 

We all felt for Elle Woods when she was broken up with for being "too blonde." But, in true internet style, Blondie's song "Heart of Glass" paired with "You're breaking up with me because I'm too blonde?" has gone viral on the Internet with people playing out their own versions.

Now, the dogs and cats of Instagram and TikTok have joined them with their own versions. The videos give viewers a peek into everyday life with these unique pets and their personalities in true pet style. Of course, these pets are just too adorable. Here are our favorites!

You're Breaking Up With Me Because I'm Too...Fancy


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Mia Macchiato is the ultimate fancy cat! But that's hardly a reason to break up with her! She just knows what she likes. Besides, how can you go wrong with a spa day and some cute clothes? You go, Mia!

You're Breaking Up With Me Because I'm Too...Needy


Draco the Dobie shows everyone just what it's like to be in a needy relationship. But hey, who doesn't need some extra snuggles every now and then?

You're Breaking Up With Me Because I'm Too...Sneaky

Newton is an adorable little Frenchie who likes to be super sneaky. You never know where this little guy may be hiding. This master of disguise can hide just about anywhere.

You're Breaking Up With Me Because I'm Too...Fast With The Air Squeak

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Skylar is a German Shepherd and Husky mix with an affinity for running around with his SqueakAir. Even though he does it every night, that's hardly a reason to break up! We'll come to play with you, Skylar!

You're Breaking Up With Me Because... I Steal


I have a stash ? #soyourebreakingupwithmebecauseimtooblond #goldenretriever #fyp

? original sound - Mary ????

In true naughty dog fashion, Sterling likes to take people's hats. While being a kleptomaniac may be a valid reason to break up with a human, this Golden Retriever is too cute to stay mad at!

You're Breaking Up With Me Because...I'm Too Human-Like


Teddy was for sure a human in his past life? #dog #dogs #dogsofttiktok #goldenretriever #goldenretrieverlife #puppy #funny #tooblonde #foryoupage #fyp

? original sound - Mary ????

Teddy has a fabulous life with his human Jonathan Lower. He even has his own room in their house, complete with a TV and fireplace. This Golden Retriever pup has grown accustomed to hanging out with his human and has definitely adopted some human-like traits. From mowing the lawn to lounging in the pool, this doggo lives a good life. You're not too human-like, Teddy. Those other pups are just jealous!

Does your pup have a breakup-worthy personality? Tag us with #WideOpenPets or show us over on our Wide Open Pets Instagram!

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