Your Skechers Bobs Shoes Can Help to Save the Lives of Dogs and Cats

Posted by Paige Cerulli
Skechers Bobs

If you love Skechers Bobs shoes, then you have a great excuse to buy a new pair - your purchase will help dogs and cats in need.

If you've been thinking of buying yourself a new pair of Skechers Bobs lately, now you can make that purchase guilt-free. When you buy a pair of Bobs, Skechers donates to the Best Friends Animal Society to help dogs and cats in needs.

That's right - your shoe purchase can help to save lives!

Want to learn more? Check out this brief video about the program.

If you love dogs or cats, then chances are you'll be able to find a pair of Bobs that you love. They come in a variety of fun cat and dog prints, accentuated by bold colors, so now you can show off your support of pets in need with pride.


Want to do more to help out dogs and cats in shelters? There are tons of ways to get involved. Volunteer at a shelter and get your friends and family to come along, too. Donate some items, like food and towels, to help keep the shelter stocked up. Host a pet food drive or hold a yard sale and donate the proceeds to the shelter. Many shelters also need volunteers to staff public events and fundraising efforts.

Finally, don't forget to adopt your next pet! There are tons of pets in need of good homes, and making the decision to adopt a pet means that the shelter will be able to help another pet in need with the space opened up by the adoption.

And don't forget to check out the Skechers website to pick out your new pair of Bobs.

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Your Skechers Bobs Shoes Can Help to Save the Lives of Dogs and Cats