Your Pet Can Have Their Own Little Airstream When You Go Car Camping

Posted by Paige Cerulli
Straight Line Designs

For the dog who has everything, or for the pup with a penchant for camping, we've found the ultimate gift: An Airstream trailer made just for dogs. 

Is your dog a little spoiled? Does he like to come along when you go camping? Well, we've found the ultimate accessory for any dog.

Now your dog can have his very own Airstream trailer, courtesy of Straight Line Designs.

airstream for dogs

These Airstream trailers are available in a variety of designs and styles, each dog-sized and ready to accommodate your favorite pup. While the trailers themselves don't actually roll, they make for awesome photo opportunities and can house dogs weighing up to 20 pounds.

The trailers each come with food and water dishes and an LED light. You can choose custom colors and license plate to make your dog's trailer look just like your very own.

airstream for dogsairstream for dogs

These cute trailers make good dog houses, but they're not waterproof, so you'll need to store them indoors in inclement weather.

The trailers don't roll, but they're small enough that you can easily lift and transport them in your own trailer and you can set them up side by side in RV parks!

airstream for dogsairstream for dogs

Whether you're looking for a fun accent for your home or a special place for your dog to sleep when you're out camping, these dog-sized trailers are absolutely adorable and are a ton of fun. Detailed, custom-built, and super accurate, these trailers will have people doing double-takes everywhere you and your dog go.

For more information, be sure to visit Straight Line Designs.

Where would you go if you and your dog had matching trailers? Tell us in the comments below.

All images: Straight Line Designs

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Your Pet Can Have Their Own Little Airstream When You Go Car Camping