Your Dog May Be Speaking to You Very Soon with Petspeak

Posted by Tori Holmes
All images courtesy of Petspeak

Do you ever find yourself looking at your dog and asking, "What are you thinking about right now?"

Believe it or not, there may soon be a product that will allow your dog to answer that very question.

Petspeak is a wearable device and app that gives your dog their very own voice, so you can know exactly what they're thinking. Petspeak can be attached to any dog collar and uses a three-axis accelerometer to record your dog's motion.

A sophisticated profile then analyzes this information and triggers different audio messages depending on the results.


Petspeak doesn't just let your dog talk to you when they're with you. With this little device they can also send text messages to your smartphone, which you can respond to remotely.

If you ask us, this would be a huge game changer for dog owners. I mean, how can you ignore your furry friend's requests for attention, a walk, or a treat if they literally ask you?

To learn more about Petspeak, including when it will be available for purchase, visit their website. Fingers crossed it's soon, because we can't wait to hear what our dogs have to say!

All images courtesy of Petspeak.

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Your Dog May Be Speaking to You Very Soon with Petspeak