Young Dancing Mule Learns About Gravity When He Hits Some Slippery Mud

Posted by Paige Cerulli

This dancing mule has all the right moves, but a slick spot of mud gives him quite the surprise. 

Have you ever seen a dancing mule? We'll bet that he didn't have moves as great as this little guy's. This mule foal is feeling great and wants to make sure that the world knows it. He's rearing, spinning, leaping, and bucking. In short, he's dancing quite the elaborate dance, and seems pretty confident in himself.

But then he hits some slick mud, and this dancing mule quickly learns about gravity. No worries, though - he gets right back up, thinks things over for a minute, and goes back to what he loves doing - dancing.

Foals dance about and play pretty naturally, but there's an important reason behind these play sessions. Playing helps foals to learn about interaction among horses and how to read equine body language. Playing also helps to strengthen a foal's muscles and improve his overall coordination and balance. Foals are sure to take some tumbles - some of them get pretty rambunctious - but they usually escape unharmed.

When older horses slip and fall, though, the effects can be more serious. Horses may experience strains, tendon or ligament tears, and even fractured bones as the result of a serious fall. Adult horses fall pretty rarely, but it's still important to make sure that a horse is fit, feeling good, and schooled on good footing. Slick mud and wet grass can increase the chance of a fall, so you'll need to constantly evaluate the riding surface for its overall safety.

This mule seems to be just fine after his rather dramatic fall. He's quite the dancer and looks like he'll be very athletic as he gets older!

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Young Dancing Mule Learns About Gravity When He Hits Some Slippery Mud