You'll Want One of These Hyper-Realistic Sculptures of Your Pet

Posted by Allie Layos
Artist painting dog sculpture
All images via Facebook/HelenVioletArt

These hyper-realistic sculptures look so much like your pet that you'll have to have one. 

Helen Violet is a Canadian dog lover and self-taught artist who spent her life studying fine arts and mastering her skill in realism through various mediums. These days, however, she is spending a lot of time in one particular medium: using clay to create hyper-realistic sculptures of beloved pets.

Helen Violet with dog

When Helen created her first pet sculpture in November 2015 as a gift for her partner, she had no idea that she would end up creating these special pieces for pet lovers around the globe. The business took off quickly, and it's easy to see why.

Dog sculpture

Her sculptures are completely one of a kind and handmade from scratch with professional polymer clay (her website and Facebook page make it clear that she never uses molds). Then they are hand-painted with professional artist acrylics and varnished for protection.

Her attention to detail is what makes the sculptures so special. As she states on her website:

"I spend time ensuring every detail matches your baby from all angles in high realism, paying careful attention to every muscle, hair and unique trait that make your friend special (ex. that adorable crooked toenail, that one drooped ear or that kissable spot on their nose.)"

Cat sculpture

To achieve this level of accuracy, she asks for photos and information about the personality of the pet she is sculpting, in order to capture his or her spirit.

Owners will receive periodic updates and photos throughout the process to ensure that they approve of the direction the sculpture is heading. A sculpture can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks to create, and she is usually working on two at the same time. However, she never rushes the process.

Dog sculpture

"This is not a 'business' to me, but an opportunity to connect my love for animals with my love for creating and share that with wonderful people who have been touched by their fur friends as well," she explains on her website.

Sculptures are 1,600 CAD (approximately $1,200 in the United States). Though she is booked for 2017, she will be accepting commissions in 2018 via lottery. You can watch her Facebook page and website for announcements.

Will you be trying to get on her list for 2018? Tell us below!

All images via Facebook/HelenVioletArt.

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You'll Want One of These Hyper-Realistic Sculptures of Your Pet