You'll Never Believe How Much These Cats Love Snow

Posted by Paige Cerulli
cat in the snow

Most cats prefer to stay indoors when the snow flies, but these cats love snow and have no hesitation about diving into snow banks. 

For most cats, a serious snowstorm means that it's a good day to stay in the house and curl up by the fire. But not for Elaine and Veronica! These two cats are happy to head outside, especially when their owners shovel them a little path through the deep snow. But these cats love deep snow, too, and Elaine is happy to jump right into a snowbank where she's pretty much buried.

Snow is cold and wet, and most cats try to stay out of the stuff. But no one told these two kitties. In fact, they're full of energy, racing through the snow and tackling each other. Take a look at these funny cats playing in the snow!

Your cat may not like snow as much as these two, so be sure to let your cat stay inside on snow days if he wants to. If your cat wants to go out but isn't wild about being buried in snow, shovel him a little path so he can get some exercise while still being able to move about freely.

Feral cats can't come in out of the snow, but you can help them out by providing them with shelters so that they can get some relief from the cold. It's pretty easy and affordable to build a feral cat shelter, and you may even be able to find some materials used or at yard sales.

If you have lots of feral cats around your home, consider contacting a shelter or feral cat management program. Some programs will relocate feral cats to horse barns where they have more protection from the elements and can help to patrol for mice.

The snow is already arriving all across the country this winter - will your cat be celebrating or hiding in the house?

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You'll Never Believe How Much These Cats Love Snow