You'll Never Believe the Bond Between This Trainer and His Horses

Posted by Paige Cerulli

The trainer - Guy McLean - in this video truly demonstrates what it means to be a talented horseman. 

Learning to ride and train horses is a long, slow process, and it seems that you're never done learning. You can work for years to develop a bond with your horse in which you both respect each other, and every once in a while you'll be blessed with a few rare minutes where things go perfectly.

But if you want to see an example of a true bond and incredible communication with horses, you only need to look at Guy McLean.

McLean is an Australian horse trainer who is an advocate for compassionate, quality horse training. A true horseman, McLean travels all over the world with his Australian Stock Horses, spreading information about the breed and the kindhearted nature of the horse.

Here, McLean performs with a team of four horses and shows how responsive and trusting these horses are, even when working at liberty. You're sure to love this performance.

Do you want to establish a bond with your horses like the one that McLean has with his? You can start by reading up about the equine mind and training methods. While there's no one book that will teach you how to train a horse, reading books by many different trainers can allow you to pick ideas that you agree with and put them to work with your horse.

When training your horse, always keep safety for the both of you in mind. If you have no experience in training, then it's best to have a professional trainer teach you and oversee your methods. Be sure to always wear safety equipment, including a helmet and gloves, and pay close attention to the body language signals that your horse is giving you.

Training is a slow, progressive process, so resist the temptation to push your horse too far too fast. Keep sessions short and positive so that both you and your horse will see training as a positive activity.

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You'll Never Believe the Bond Between This Trainer and His Horses