You'll Love the New Pet Furniture Collection from IKEA!

Posted by Mateja Lane
ikea furniture for pets
All images via Ikea

Pet-loving IKEA designers are making adorable furniture for your animals! 

Pampering your pets is universal, so it was only a matter of time for IKEA to start creating pet furniture. From dog beds to cat furniture, IKEA's new pet collection is absolutely adorable and made for animal lovers everywhere.

True to IKEA, the prices are right too!

Ikea dog bed

This dog bed is simple, but has an adorable little cushion to spice up the room.

Get it for $37.98

ikea cat house

This cat house is subtle to put into a corner of your living room and your feline will always have a place to hide. With the hole cut in the front of the box for a kitty entrance, it can easily go into the bottom of a book shelf.

Get these little cat boxes for $10.98

ikea cat house

This cat bed sits on legs so your kitty can be high up!

Get it for $54.98 but provide some feng shui for apartment therapy.

ikea dog blanket

This blanket is just made for your dog and will look great in any living space.

Get it for small dogs or big dogs for $19.99


ikea cat scratching mat

This cat scratching mat is made out of natural materials and is only $5.99

True to IKEA's creativity, you can wrap it around anything and make a cat tree anywhere! It's perfect for small apartments...

ikea kitty litter scoop

IKEA is even selling a litter box scooper for only $.79...

Ikea furniture for pets

There's this great elevated bed frame, or turn it upside down so it has walls, for $24.99 that you can top with a cushion in varying styles and colors to accent your home.

ikea pet cushion

They are making cat toys...

IKEA cat toy

And pet travel carriers for $24.99

IKEa cat carrier

Really, it only makes sense for IKEA to have a pet collection. IKEA hackers have been making pet furniture from end tables and doll beds for a while now. Remember when Ikea donated a bunch of their Ducktig Doll Beds to a cat shelter in Canada?

Check out the rest of their new pet collection on Remember, Christmas is right around the corner and we bet you have some pet lovers on your list.

What do you think of IKEA's new venture? Let us know in the comments below!

All images via IKEA

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You'll Love the New Pet Furniture Collection from IKEA!