You'll Also Cry When This Girl Gets a Horse for Christmas

Posted by Paige Cerulli

This girl's reaction is priceless when she gets one of the best gifts ever - a horse for Christmas.

If you were a horse-loving child, then I bet you wished for a horse every single Christmas. I certainly did - I wrote detailed letters to Santa describing my dream horse. (He was a bay Thoroughbred gelding with white stocks and a white stripe.) While I wished for a horse for Christmas every year, I never did receive that dream gift.

But the lucky girl in this video did, and her reaction is unforgettable. You can tell how much she loves this horse from her reaction, and I love the fact that she is so grateful for this incredible gift.

Watch this girl get a horse for Christmas.

Are you thinking of getting someone a horse as a gift? Giving a horse as a gift may initially seem like a generous idea, but it's important to make sure that the recipient is ready for a horse and can cover the cost of caring for a horse, too. You don't want to put someone into a tight spot by giving them a horse that they truly can't afford.

If you do know that the recipient is ready for and can afford a horse, then there's still the matter of finding a horse that's a good match for the recipient. You may be able to find a horse who's a good match for a young rider, but it's tough to find a great fit for an older, more experienced rider without the rider trying out the horse themselves.

But here's an idea: If you want to give someone a horse as a gift, then think about offering to cover the purchase price of a horse of their choosing. This gives the rider some control in the situation and allows them to choose a horse that they will truly enjoy.

Have you ever gotten a horse for Christmas? Tell us in the comments below!

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You'll Also Cry When This Girl Gets a Horse for Christmas