You Might Be a Dog Mom If...

Posted by Amber King
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Dog mom, fur mama, pup parent - no one can tell you your dog is "just a dog."

As more and more people are realizing the infinite joy of owning a dog, the way we treat our pets is changing. Gone are the days where it was okay to leave a dog tied to a chain in the backyard. Instead, pet owners know their furry friends deserve the best.

Out of this new breed of pet owner, dog moms aren't afraid to flaunt who they are. They're dedicated, responsible, attentive, and just the right amount of crazy. You know you're one of them if these statements sound like your life.

1. You say your dog's name when someone asks if you have kids.

Man how time flies!! They should make swings for big pups!!

A post shared by Hank 🐾 | 📍Chicago, IL (@findhankhere) on

2. You spend more money on dog toys than you'd like to admit.

3. Your phone's camera roll is literally all pictures of your dog.

Family: We’re getting matching pjs for us and the kids Me: Say no more #DogMom

A post shared by Karla (@karoman88) on

4. Your phone's background rotates between different pictures of your dog.

Me after a good bath! 🤗

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5. You come up with every excuse to include your dog in the conversation.

6. You leave parties early because your dog is home alone and missing you.

7. You leave parties early because you miss your dog.

8. You don't bother trying to get the dog hair off your clothes.

9. You'll happily pet any dog, but deep down you know your dog is superior.

10. "Dog Mom Anthem" is the theme song to your life.

11. You find poop bags in the strangest places - your purse, the laundry, the lunch box you take to work.

Why so cute ?

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12. You refer to your parents as your dog's grandparents and your siblings as their aunts and uncles.

13. You plan vacations based on how long you'll be forced to be away from your dog.

14. You feel irrational amounts of pride when someone compliments your dog.

15. There's no doubt about whether or not the dog is allowed to sleep in bed with you.

16. You're okay with eating junk, but your dog eats nothing but the best.

17. Your dog's birthday day might as well be a national holiday.

18. Holiday sweaters are the best, and matching holiday sweaters are even better.

Dogs are a woman's best friend, and we're going to spoil them and love them despite all the naysayers. If you're a dog mom, own that title and flaunt your pup with pride.


Do you have anything to add to the list? Let us know in the comments!

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You Might Be a Dog Mom If...