You Goat Mail Sends Tiny Goats as Gifts

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Newly launched You Goat Mail seeks to give the "greatest gift of all time" in the most practical way.

People love goats. Viral videos of bouncing caprine kids have proven that. Who wouldn't want a pet goat?

But unfortunately, not everyone has the time and resources to add a barnyard member to their family. Enter You Goat Mail.

Kicking off in May 2016, the business aims to bring happiness into the lives of goat-lovers and people who didn't know they were goat-lovers but might be feeling down on their luck. With a few clicks, a stuffed animal goat can end up on the doorstep of whomever you choose.

The company describes the inspiration behind the idea quite succinctly on their website:

"Here's the deal. Everyone knows the greatest Gift Of All Time would be a goat. But caring for a live goat can be challenging, difficult, and time consuming. We found the solution."

It really is that simple.

The goats are now on sale for $27.99, normally sold at $30.00, and they can arrive with a personalized message from the sender. Apparently, a surge in goat demand has caused a delay in shipping, but the miniature faux creatures are still available--for a limited time only!

In case you're wondering, the goats can be shipped overseas. The orders can be anonymous if you like or you can sign your name in the accompanying message.

And that's really all anyone knows about this mysterious tiny goat business. But it's real. Twitter says so:

A real goat wouldn't be quite as cheap, but it could mow the lawn for you and carry your camping gear. Both are great for snuggling.

Now you have options; real goat or plush goat. You decide.

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You Goat Mail Sends Tiny Goats as Gifts