Dog Puts on Quite the Show in the Brooklyn Museum Fountain

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When this dog comes across a fountain on a hot summer day, he doesn't hesitate to show off for the crowd.

Do you remember the thrill of playing in the sprinkler when you were a kid? It was the perfect way to beat the heat, and the cool water felt so good. You could play for hours, if your parents let you. Well, when this dog and his owner come across a fountain at the Brooklyn Museum, the dog becomes the happiest dog ever when he's allowed to go in.

To be honest, this dog puts on quite the display for the crowd gathered at the fountain. He leaps, runs, and does his very best to catch the jets of water in his mouth. It's not a sight you see every day, especially in Brooklyn, and this dog puts on quite the show. Check out how adorably happy he is with his new toy.

Now, before you head to Brooklyn to let your dog play in the fountain, let's address the fact that it's probably not a good idea. The dog has gone past a fence in this case, and it looks like there's a steep drop off on one side. But that doesn't mean your dog can't have fun playing in water.

If you have a sprinkler at home, set it up in the yard on a hot summer day so your dog can play. Many dogs also love playing with hoses when you're watering the garden - they'll leap and try to catch the stream of water, and will generally have an awesome time. You can also set up a kiddie pool for your dog to swim in, or take him to a nearby pond or a lake.

If you have a water-loving dog, there are tons of ways to keep him happy each summer. How does your dog like to stay cool?

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Dog Puts on Quite the Show in the Brooklyn Museum Fountain