Farmer Shows off Impressive Dance Moves to an Audience of Goats

Posted by Paige Cerulli

While it may be cold and he may only have an audience made up of goats, this farmer's dancing skills are something to be envied. 

Need a laugh? Need a little something to turn your day around? Well, we've found it for you. You need to watch this video of a farmer dancing to "Cheap Thrills" because, well, this farmer's dancing skills? They're amazing.

Sure, he only has an audience of goats, but he makes the best of his broom dancing partner and shows off some dancing skills that we never would have guessed he had. Somebody, get this guy a dance floor and a real dancing partner!

Take a look - we promise, it's worth it!

Working on a farm in the winter isn't one of the most fun things to be doing. It's cold, everything freezes, chores take twice as long to do, and shoveling snow? Not fun. But dance parties make everything better, and this farmer has some good music and killer moves.

Hopefully the goats appreciate what an awesome show they're getting, and we're so glad this video exists so that we could get in on the fun, too.

Now, go dance.

What did you think of this farmer's performance? Let us know in the comments below!

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Farmer Shows off Impressive Dance Moves to an Audience of Goats