Lorcan Is Proof That You Can Teach a Circus Horse New Tricks

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Lorcan the stallion, a member of the London Metropolitan Police, is proof that you can teach a circus horse new tricks. 

Meet Lorcan. Lorcan was once a circus horse, but now he's training for his second career as a police horse with the London Metropolitan Police. Lorcan's experience with the circus actually comes in handy for his new career - crowds and noise don't scare him, since they resemble the performance he used to give.

Lorcan can stay calm and level-headed in situations that might frighten other horses.

Retraining a circus horse to be a police horse takes time. Generally it takes at least two years to train a police horse. Police horses need to learn to stay calm in chaotic situations, to obey their rider at all times, and to tolerate people and objects against their sides. They have to be dependable whenever they head out on the streets, and the job isn't right for all horses.

This video provides a neat look at Lorcan's unique experience.

Many horses go on to have multiple careers, just like Lorcan. Racehorses usually retire by the time they're six or seven years old, and they can begin second careers as riding mounts, show horses, and breeding horses. Some show horses have an initial show career and then go on to work as lesson horses or schoolmasters, teaching younger riders how to ride at the upper levels.

Because horses are versatile and highly trainable, it's never out of the question for them to have multiple careers. Lorcan went from circus horse to police horse, which just demonstrates how intelligent and talented horses can be.

It looks like Lorcan has many great years ahead of him with the police force.

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Lorcan Is Proof That You Can Teach a Circus Horse New Tricks