Yawning Or Whinnying: Can You Tell Which Is Which? [Quiz]

Posted by Allie Layos
whinnying horse

Do you know the difference between a yawning horse and a whinnying one? Take this quiz to find out.

A quick Google search reveals that there is some confusion when it comes to identifying horses that are yawning versus those that are whinnying.

While it would be easy to tell in person, since one action is accompanied by sound, in photographs it's a bit harder to spot the difference unless you're a true equestrian expert.

Can you tell just from pictures whether a horse is yawning or whinnying? Test your knowledge with this fun quiz.


Yawning and whinnying horses do look a bit similar, but you may have noticed during the quiz that there are multiple ways to spot the difference.

When a horse yawns, it opens its mouth wider than it does when it whinnies, often showing its teeth. Its eyes are often closed and nose and upper lip wrinkled, while a whinnying horse's are not.

How did you do on the quiz? Share your results below!

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Yawning Or Whinnying: Can You Tell Which Is Which? [Quiz]