Instagram Star: Yana the Two-Faced Cat Is Perfectly Symmetrical

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Half orange and half black, Yana the two-faced cat is absolutely beautiful in the most unusual, individualistic way. 

Some of the most beautiful cats are those who have totally unique looks. In Yana's case, she's truly one of a kind. Yana is a beautiful calico, but her distinctive facial markings make her stand out. Yana's face is split almost perfectly down the middle. One side is orange, and the other side is black, giving the impression of a two-faced cat. It's just one of the many ways that nature surprises us sometimes.

There's no denying that Yana is beautiful, and many other people agree. Yana has her own Instagram account, and currently she has more than 16,000 followers. This cat's striking appearance is sure to garner her attention, and she's very photogenic, too. Just take a look at these beautiful photos from her Instagram page!

Смотрите какой пирожочек был маленький?? #yanatwofacecat

A photo posted by Elizabeth (@yanatwofacecat) on

Когда попробовала ёлку на вкус? #yanatwofacecat

A photo posted by Elizabeth (@yanatwofacecat) on

Носик сладенький спит? #yanatwofacecat

A photo posted by Elizabeth (@yanatwofacecat) on

Дорогие друзья!! ? Приглашаю Вас принять участие в подготовке новогоднего праздника для деток?? в РНПЦ онкологии?. Например, можно купить игрушки?, канцелярию??(пластилин, блокнотики, карандаши и тд.), детские крема,шампуни,памперсы.. или внести маленькую сумму?в общий вклад для подарков детям. Мы с Янкой подарим деткам эти подарки? ? Пишите мне, если хотите помочь?? Кстати, разыскиваем костюмы любых героев для поздравления? спасибо! Сделаем деткам новый год ? #меняясебяменяешьмир #делаемдобро #поможемдетям

A photo posted by Elizabeth (@yanatwofacecat) on

Доброе утро? и хороших вам выходных? #yanatwofacecat

A photo posted by Elizabeth (@yanatwofacecat) on

If you'd like to get some great photos of your cat, you can take notes from Yana's Instagram account. First, start with the highest quality camera that you can find. Then, don't be afraid to introduce props and different backgrounds to make the photos pop. Try to stick to simple backgrounds so your cat stands out. If your cat goes outdoors, try to get some photos outside to take advantage of the natural lighting.

When taking photos of your cat, you'll need to have plenty of patience. Let your cat play and explore naturally, rather than trying to stage a photo. Staged photos often look stiff and awkward, whereas if you capture your cat naturally playing, you'll likely get a better photo.

Yana is beautiful, and photographs super well, too. Be sure to follow her on Instagram for more photographic inspiration.

How much do you love Yana? Tell us in the comments below!

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