World's First Smart Pet Bed Could Add Years to Your Dog's Life

Posted by Amber King
petrics smart pet bed
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Every dog deserves a safe place to lay their head, and this new smart pet bed takes that to the highest level.

Dog owners may have a lot of things on their wishlists - mess-proof pooper scoopers, clothes that don't catch dog hair - but their pets' health outranks everything else. Every dog owner wants to ensure their pet lives a long and happy life, and a company called Petrics is using innovative technology to fulfill that wish.

Petrics makes high-tech products for the everyday pet owner designed to enhance animal healthcare and overall well-being. Their newest product, the first-ever smart pet bed, is designed for both comfort and functionality. The bed is a complete system to monitor a pet's health and give the pet owner the opportunity to extend the life of their best friend.

Petrics Smart Pet Bed
Image Source: Petrics

The comfortable bed works with a companion collar activity tracker to collect data and present information to the pet owner in an easy-to-understand way. The bed tracks weight, rest periods, and activity periods while offering thermostatic climate control. The combined use of the Petrics mobile app offers an entire pet health ecosystem, including food and diet recommendations, nutritional data, and connection to pet sitters and veterinarians.

Knowing when there's a problem is the biggest battle in pet health. Your dog can't tell you when something isn't right, and the technology with the smart pet bed is meant to do the talking for them. The built-in weigh scale provides daily feedback about whether the dog is losing or gaining weight. Noticing subtle differences in weight is hard, and most pet owners only weigh their animals once a year. With daily feedback from the pet bed, pet owners are notified as soon as a health issue arises.

Petrics Smart Pet bed
Image Source: Petrics

The Petrics smart pet bed is built with two users in mind: the pet owner and the pet. Ed Hall, CEO of Petrics, believes in his product and is excited to introduce it to modern pet owners.

Hall told Wide Open Pets:

"At Petrics, our number one goal is to help pets live longer. Through Petrics' solution, pet owners can stay informed, be empowered, and provide optimal care for their furry family members."

The project is two years in the making and will be officially unveiled at the 2018 Consumer Electronics show. It's already been selected as a CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree in both the Smart Home and Tech for a Better World categories. In the meantime, Petrics is raising funds to bring the product to pet owners.

An Indiegogo campaign launched on Nov. 30 gives pet owners the chance to pre-order their smart pet beds at up to 50% off the expected retail price. Estimated date of shipment is April 2018, and there's a limited number of beds available in each size. Head to the Indiegogo page to claim your smart pet bed.

UPDATE: Petrics has suspended their fundraising and plan to relaunch their campaign next year. Anybody who made a contribution will be refunded.  


Do you think a smart pet bed is a good idea? Let us know in the comments.

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World's First Smart Pet Bed Could Add Years to Your Dog's Life