Flushable Cat Litter That's Allergy-Friendly? You Got It!

Posted by Allison Johnson
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I guess they do live up to the name. Cat owners can't stop talking about World's Best Cat Litter. Normally when cat litter is a topic, it's usually about odor control. If you've ever apologized to your guests because of the smell of your cat's litter box, you have to give World's Best Cat Litter a try. After reading customer reviews, there's a few things that pet owners called out. The lack of dust, outstanding odor control, and clumping. A clumping formula makes for easy scooping! You'll be thankful you bought kitty litter that traps solid waste once you realize it's a zero mess chore.

Besides the quick clumping and 99% dust-free guarantee, this litter will have an easy clean-up because this clumping litter is flushable. Yes, you read that right. From the cat litter box, straight to the toilet. Don't even think about dumping it in a trash can in your home for others to smell.

It is safe for sewer systems. It's made from whole-kernel corn, so don't worry about putting anything toxic in your toilet. Just planet friendly and natural ingredients. The World's Best Cat Litter clumping formula comes in a 28-pound bag, so it should last a while.

Some people begin to suffer from allergy symptoms due to their cat's litter and in response to that, World's Best Cat Litter has very low dust levels. Since it's 99% free of silica dust, it is a low-tracking litter formula.

You can get World's Best Cat Litter on Amazon, or on Petco. The multiple cat clumping formula is perfect for multi-cat households where multiple smells are present. World's Best Cat Litter also has a lavender scented formula if you don't think an unscented litter will cut it for your fur baby.

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Flushable Cat Litter That's Allergy-Friendly? You Got It!