WOP Exclusive Interview: Olly the Pug Celebrates Life 365 Days a Year

Posted by Stacey Venzel
olly the pug

This pug from Melbourne, Australia knows there's a reason to celebrate every day of the year, and his celebratory choices do not disappoint.

Olly the pug isn't your average canine: he's funny, cultured, sophisticated, and definitely looks good in a pair of overalls.

In March 2014, Olly joined his parents, Chris and Ricky, at their home in Melbourne, Australia. The nine-week-old canine quickly won over the hearts of his dads, so much so that the couple started Olly's own Instagram account to share some pug love with the world.

🧙‍♂️Olly is bringing a little magic to your weekend – but rabbits out of the hat, this is not. Things get a little darker today with Occult Day, a day celebrating the mystical and supernatural, with a little black magic thrown in. Translated from its Latin form, the occult is “knowledge of the hidden”, and is usually meant only for certain people such as wizards, witches and sorcerers. In the wrong hands, this type of magic could end up a disaster, as Olly has already found out when trying to “hypnotize” his mop into bringing him neverending treats from the cupboard. #occultday 🎂It’s a double dose of Mickey today, as we celebrate the birthday of everyone’s favourite mouse. Mickey Mouse first appeared as Steamboat Willie on this day in 1928, and was actually inspired by a real mouse that used to scurry around Walt Disney’s desk. Over the years he has become one of the most recognizable icons ever. On this Mickey Mouse Day, Mickey has decided to celebrate in his own way, so Olly will just have to wait a few minutes (or hours?) to share that tasty slice of birthday cheese. #mickeymouseday . . . #occult #sorcerer #witches #wizards #fantasia #disneyfan #disneypic #disneylife #disneygram #mickeymouse #mickeymousebirthday #november18 #igersofmelbourne #dogsofaustralia #dogsofmelbourne #pugsofinstagram #pugmania #pugsnotdrugs #pug #worldofpug #pugstagram #pugnation #pugoftheday #pugface #weeklyfluff #lovepugs #puglife #pugsessed

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Olly's original Instagram @instaollygram was just a pug living the pug life. But then, Chris and Ricky had an idea: what if they featured a photo of Olly every day, and what if there was a theme surrounding all of these photos? And so the beloved Instagram @ollydayz was born.

Ollydayz showcases the pooch celebrating life 365 days a year, with detailed research explaining the history of each celebration. Literally any cause for celebration might get a shout out, from Button Day to World Menopause Day.

🔘Just when you thought the rainbows might just finally disappear in Australia, along comes Olly with his celebration of Button Day. Coming out of the depression and into the war years, the luxury of having a hobby was almost unthought of until an American radio program highlighted button collecting as a way of passing the time. Almost immediately in 1938, the National Button Society was formed, with Button Day being proclaimed on this day each year. Buttons come in all shapes and sizes, and can even make or break an outfit, so with the amount of shirts Olly has to his name, you know he also has hundreds of leftover buttons. With Button Day, we can finally give them all a home on one fabulous shirt. #buttonday . . . #button #buttons #buttonup #buttonlove #rainbowflag #gaypride #australiasaysyes #marriageequality #rainbows #iloverainbows #rainbow🌈 #yass #november16 #igersofmelbourne #dogsofaustralia #dogsofmelbourne #pugsofinstagram #pugmania #pugsnotdrugs #pug #worldofpug #pugstagram #pugnation #pugoftheday #pugface #weeklyfluff #lovepugs #puglife #pugsessed

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This past October, Olly took a stand to celebrate Coming Out Day (which coincided with Take Your Parents to Lunch Day) to encourage Australian voters to say "yes" to marriage equality.

🥙American schools will be hosting some very special guests today, as they open their cafeterias up to the old folks for Take Your Parents To Lunch Day. Created and supported by @kiwimagazine, this day gives parents the chance to see what is being served at the school cafeteria, giving them piece of mind that their kids are being well looked after with nutritious food, and maybe pick up a few tips themselves on creating healthy lunches. Olly has treated the dads to his idea of a healthy lunch at @missdrewsbakery_dogtreats. It seems everyone could get very used to this! #takeyourparentstolunchday 🏳️‍🌈Since 1988, the US has been celebrating Coming Out Day on this day, giving “new” members of the LGBT community the chance to find strength and support to come out as the gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender person they are. In Australia, it is more important than ever for young people to come out with support from family and friends as we experience a troubling national survey for same-sex marriage. Olly’s wardrobe has expanded beyond control, so we thought we would redo last years’ photo to show that even the most fabulous closet eventually needs to be left behind. Find strength and courage within yourself, to give you the freedom to live your life to its fullest. #comingoutday . . . #schoollunch #lunchdate #twodads #bakerylife #healthychoices #october11 #pugs_of_instagram #pugsofmelbourne #dailyfluff #weekfluff #worldofcutepets #dogoftheday #pugoftheday #igpugs #lovedogs #lovepugs #instadog #instapug #ilovemydog #puglife #pugsessed #worldofpug #pugworld #comingout #rainbowflag #voteyes #lgbtsupport #outofthecloset

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On November 14, the nationwide survey showed that the majority of voters supported the legalization of gay marriage, which the Australian Prime Minister has vowed to enact as law by Christmas. Olly took to the streets to celebrate.

🏳️‍🌈The Australian Marriage Equality plebiscite has caused quite a stir in this country, making headlines all around the world in what has been an exhausting and controversial campaign for Same-Sex Marriage. Many of Olly’s followers have shown their support for the passing of marriage equality laws in Australia, so we are extremely happy to announce the results of the public survey – and it’s a YES!!! Love has won, and for this one day we can forget the pain, slander and abuse caused to many Australian people, and simply celebrate equality. What lies ahead is uncertain, but one thing is for sure, the LGBTI community is through being guinea pigs for a public survey that has caused so much harm to so many people. We have turned that bad into a good that has brought the LGBTI population of Australia closer together with other same-sex marriage supporters, with YES achieving 61.6% of the overall vote. Let’s just hope a lesson has been learnt that no single group of people should ever be the subject of another plebiscite, and parliament simply looks after the welfare of its people, itself. #yes 🐊And while we are celebrating all things Australian, today is also Steve Irwin Day, celebrating the life of the much loved Crocodile Hunter, whose conservation efforts to protect our animals earned him worldwide fame. Steve’s legacy lives on through his children Bindi and Robert, who continue his work as they become big stars themselves. #steveirwinday . . . #lovewins #lovewins🌈 #marriageequality #equality #gaypride #lgbtrights #loveislove🌈 #australia #voteyes #itstime #australiasaysyes #november15 #igersofmelbourne #dogsofaustralia #dogsofmelbourne #pugsofinstagram #pugmania #pugsnotdrugs #pug #worldofpug #pugstagram #pugoftheday #pugface #weeklyfluff #lovepugs #puglife #steveirwin #crocodile

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We asked Olly and his dads some questions in a WOP Exclusive Interview. The family entertained us with their responses. And for any interested pups - male or female - wondering if Olly is single, read on to find out.

⛽️Olly’s dad just loves it when he wants to play cars - but daddy’s car always seems to running low on gas for some reason. It’s lucky there’s always a fresh supply in the fridge! There are a few days allocated to petrol across the internet, so we picked today’s Petroleum Day to honour the liquid that powers our cars and empties our pockets. Many people are mistaken for thinking petroleum is a relatively new invention developed to keep our cars running, but its origin can be traced back some 4000 years, used for building towers and walls in ancient times. Well, enough of that, daddy’s car has just run low again, so he’s back to Olly Gas for another top up. #petroleumday 👶Olly has turned up to his concert rather early today, which is a bit of an advantage when you want the perfect seat, but it’s a different story when eager babies turn up early into the world. Today is World Prematurity Day, raising awareness that 15 million babies born premature in the world each year all needing special and often expensive care. Landmarks across the world will light up purple today in support of World Prematurity Day, and you can show your support by wearing a little purple today. #worldprematurityday . . . #petroleum #petrol #chasingcars #carspotting #gasstation #fillitup #furphy #craftbeer #november17 #igersofmelbourne #dogsofaustralia #dogsofmelbourne #pugsofinstagram #pugmania #pugsnotdrugs #pug #worldofpug #pugstagram #pugnation #pugoftheday #pugface #weeklyfluff #lovepugs #puglife #pugsessed #premature #purpleday #prematurebaby

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WOP: What is your favorite thing to do with each of your dads?


I have two dads which I have named Good Daddy and Bad Daddy. Good Daddy takes me to the park, gives me plenty of treats, takes me on bike rides (my favorite!) and is the one I cuddle up to at night. Bad Daddy is bad because he looks after my health by cleaning my ears (my favorite too - so relaxing!), keeping me on a diet, and is my backup for cuddles when the other daddy goes to work. I guess Bad Daddy isn't so bad after all.

👴🏻Ahh…the shenanigans Olly gets up to everyday! It’s just another day in the life of this little furry guy, but for others, the fur can get a little thin. Almost 50% of all men experience significant baldness by the age of 50, so today is a day to hang up those toupees, hair pieces and wigs, and embrace your “chrome dome” for Be Bald And Free Day. Tap into your inner Bruce Willis or Sean Connery by flaunting your cue ball freely down the street, and ladies, if you think this day is not for you, take a leaf out of Britney’s book and join in the fun! In fact, 40% of females experience some degree of hair loss by the time they are 40. Now, if you’re thinking of volunterring someone to be bald and free, maybe it’s a good idea to ask their permission. We’re not sure what sort of celebration this is going to be when Olly’s dad wakes up. #bebaldandfreeday #WHPmyeveryday . . . #bald #baldy #shavedhead #baldisbeautiful #nohair #cueball #baldmen #mensgrooming #barberlove #haircut #barber #prank #shenanigans #october14 #pugsofinstagram #buzzfeed #weeklyfluff #worldofcutepets #dogoftheday #pugoftheday #igpugs #lovepugs #instadog #instapug #puglyfe #pugsessed #worldofpug #pugworld

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WOP: What's your favorite day to celebrate?


January 9th - because that is my birthday! But if I had to pick a day other then that, it is Father's Day, which is in September here in Australia. That's when we get the really awesome family photos.

WOP: For all the interested pups out there, are you currently dating anyone?


I had a girlfriend named Stella, a French Bulldog, who I casually dated for about two years. She was a bit bossy at times, but when it comes to divas, no one can outshine me, so I simply walked away with my curly tail high in the air. Stella moved away to another state about six months ago, but no one has come close to grabbing my attention. You could say I'm happy being single for now.

📉Olly has been working hard to prepare for World Paper Free Day today, but we’re not so sure Olly has got the entire point of the day. For two reasons – Number One: World Paper Free Day is hosted by AIIM, the Association for Information and Image Management, providing information professionals with education, certification and market research, and encourages people and businesses to go “paper free” for one day, experiencing the benefits of embracing the digital office. And…Number Two. I think the daddies are going to be surprised when they need to run their own “business”, paper free! Lucky they use Who Gives A Crap toilet paper, who always supply an emergency roll which the dads keep well hidden away. #worldpaperfreeday @whogivesacraptp ✊️The 9th of November was also a significant date for Germany when the East and West were re-united, effectively ending communist rule in Central and Eastern Europe, and paving the way for the fall of the Berlin Wall. In 2001, US president George W. Bush selected this date to declare World Freedom Day, celebrating the victory over communism. #worldfreedomday . . . #paperfree #environmental #savetheearth #paperless #gogreen #digitalsolutions #businesssolutions #toiletpaper #whogivesacrap #november9 #igersofmelbourne #dogsofaustralia #dogsofmelbourne #pugsofinstagram #pugmania #pugsnotdrugs #pug #worldofpug #pugstagram #pugnation #pugoftheday #pugface #weeklyfluff #lovepugs #puglife #pugsessed #freedom #unity

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WOP: What inspired the idea for the theme of Olly's Instagram account?

Chris & Ricky:

There's was no real 'thing' that ignited @ollydayz, other than an interest in special charity days that seemed to always come up. Digging deeper, we found that there were many sites on the internet that had a special celebration for EVERY day. This was the perfect opportunity to really show off our creative and artistic sides, eventually coming up with his daily calendar - Ollydayz.

9️⃣Nines squares of nine numbers? Sounds like the 9th of the 9th to me. It's International Sudoku Day, aptly celebrated by the World Puzzle Federation on the 9th of September. Sudoku is a relatively new addition to the world of puzzles, originating in Japan, and finding its mainstream audience in 1986. It was as late as 2004, that Sudoku found its way into major US and British newspapers, and has become a staple puzzle, right up their with the crossroad, to get your brain into gear for the day. And if your someone that is constantly annoyed by people barraging you with pictures of their dog, here's 81 photos of Olly all in one go. Phew...that's a lot of time saved. Now back to the puzzle! #internationalsudokuday

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WOP: How do you choose what Olly will be celebrating?

Chris & Ricky:

Every day IS a day accounted for, and celebrated, whether it be for charity, public holiday, or just plain weird. There are plenty of sites on the Internet that compile these days, and when you put them all together, you can get up to 15 different celebrations to choose from.

Of course, sometimes there are only a couple, which becomes a challenge. The one that stands out is usually the one that gets done, but we regularly only come up with the perfect angle for a day in the days leading up to it. Most of the days are organized and shot only the day before it is due!

WOP: Where do the props and outfits come from for Olly's daily photos?

Chris & Ricky:

There comes a day in every pug owners life, when they start putting clothes on their pug, and there's no turning back. If ever a dog SHOULD have clothes, it's a pug. That said, we found it hard (or expensive) to buy clothes, so we learned how to sew, and soon Olly had a shirt in every color. So 95 percent of the clothes you see on Ollydayz are handmade right here at home.

The props? Well, Good Daddy is actually a bit of a hoarder, but not in the crazy way. We already had many props, but also visit the Op Shops (or Thrift Shops for you guys) to see what might come in handy. Again, we are regularly making the shirt only a day or two leading up to the day. The button shirt was one made in the afternoon before posting, and a great way of getting rid of all those odd buttons.

👵🏼Apparently, there's only one solution when a group of grey-haired ladies have a problem - cheesecake! Well, today you won't need any problems to indulge in this delicious dessert for Cheesecake Day. Baked Cheesecake is thought to be invented in Ancient Greece, with the unbaked version developed in 1872 in New York, after the accidental creation of cream cheese. You lucky Americans can treat yourself to cheesecake at half the price on July 30, courtesy of @cheesecakefactory. Living in Australia, Grandma Olly truly does have a reason to bring out to late night cheesecake. Girls! #cheesecakeday 🐶❤️🐶Speaking of "thank you for being a friend", International Day of Friendship was created in the 1930's by Hallmark, but quickly died out due to it being an obvious commercial gimmick. It was revitalised in South Asia and has now become the worldwide event it set out to be - without the gimmicks. Olly still sees his childhood friend, Dougie, nearly every weekend! #internationaldayoffriendship

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WOP: Do you have plans to expand Olly's inspiration on Instagram or beyond?

Chris & Ricky:

People say we should do this and that, but time is restricted due to our regular jobs, and the fact that we still love creating his daily Ollydayz posts, which are not always quickly made. We are still working on building his Instagram following, which has just hit its 10k mark.

We often think of a small scale clothing line, but the obvious is creating a physical monthly calendar, or daily desk calendar. This would be the easiest option to get us going, and I think maybe there will be a good chance for this in time for 2019.

WOP: Anything else you'd like to add?

Chris & Ricky:

Ollydayz is a massive undertaking as we gather information, create mostly unique ideas, shoot photos with this amazing model, and give you interesting facts to go along with every day. It's the perfect Instagram to wake up to, and maybe even influence your whole day. Despite the hard work, we love creating it. You will love it too - with no hard work required!

🚫The Ollydayz crew have little knowledge on the trusty bra, but understand there are both sides to the story for its use. On one hand, it's an incredibly supportive piece of clothing, necessary for the "more developed" female, and on the other, an annoying restriction that one just wants to throw away. Today's No Bra Day, the first of two such days during the year, gives those in the latter group the chance to give the bra the flick, and be free! May we just suggest, though, don't follow Olly's footsteps, and wear a top over your unrestricted boobies. We don't want to be responsible for any followers getting arrested. #nobraday 🍪Sugar Cookie Day celebrates one of the simplest forms of baking, and also reminds Olly's dads why he is never allowed in the kitchen again! #sugarcookieday #nobras #freedom #nobranoproblem #funny #gotopless #sugarcookies #cookies #baking #kitchendisaster #igpugs #dailyfluff #instapug #pugsofaustralia #pugsofinstagram #igpugs #pugnation #puglife #pugs #buzzfeedanimals #pugsessed #pugsofmelbourne #pugoftheday #worldofcutepets #lovepugs #pug #worldofpug #weeklyfluff #pugsupermodel

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Ollydayz is filled with trivia and history as well as cuteness and inspiration. Be sure to follow Ollydayz on Instagram to get these daily pupdates from the pug himself!

Do you know of a holiday Olly should celebrate? Leave your suggestion in the comments below!

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