You Won't Believe What Baby Animals Were Found Cuddling in a Dumpster

Posted by Mateja Lane
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Police in Knoxville, Tennessee got a call about some rustling in a dumpster. 

When Officer Nick Powell went to investigate the call, he was expecting something large and hungry. But instead, when he peered into the dumpster, all he saw were four little eyes looking up at him. 

A black kitten and a baby raccoon huddled in the corner of the dumpster, cuddling to keep each other warm. It dropped to 43 degrees on Tuesday night! All these furry little guys could do was keep warm by sharing their body heat. Species be damned.

The Knoxville Police Department broke the news on their Facebook page.

Knoxville Police Department Animal Control Officer Nick Powell responded recently to a call of an animal stuck in a...

Posted by Knoxville Police Department - TN on Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The baby animals were seemingly abandoned by their mothers, or maybe they each wandered off and found each other looking for food in the same dumpster.

There was talk of euthanizing the animals but there is luckily a much happier ending. The kitten was taken to the local shelter and the baby raccoon was relocated and released back into the woods.

And just like one of your favorite Disney movies, this story ends in survival because each depended on the other for warmth and companionship. *Cue Disney song here.*

In all seriousness, as the temperature begins to cool, there will be more wild animals venturing out to find food, including raccoons, coyotes, and bears. If you see a baby wild animal, call your local wildlife department. Do not try to rescue the animal on your own. You never know if the baby's mother is watching, and you never want to get in between a wild animal and its baby!

Have you ever found a baby wild animal? Tell us in the comments below. 

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You Won't Believe What Baby Animals Were Found Cuddling in a Dumpster