Wonder What an Equine Massage Looks Like?

Posted by Paige Cerulli

If you've ever wondered about what goes into equine massage or would like to learn how to massage your horse yourself, then you'll want to check out this video. 

Equine massage is a quickly growing practice. Massages can help horses by relaxing muscles, releasing tension, improving circulation, and improving a horse's range of motion. This non-invasive therapy can be used on just about any horse - it shouldn't be used on horses who are pregnant or who have cancer - and it can help to improve a show horse's performance or to improve a trail horse's comfort.

Chances are that there's a professional equine massage therapist near you who can come to your barn and work on your horse, but you can also learn how to do a basic massage on your own.

This video provides a great introduction to massage techniques and how to massage your horse. Here, equine massage therapist Jen Oliver goes over some common strokes and how to apply them to different areas of your horse's body.

You can see from the horse's reactions just how much he enjoys the massage, and you can learn quite a bit from this video. Take a look.

It's very important to keep safety in mind when you're massaging your horse. Try to massage your horse during a time when the barn is quiet and your horse is calm. It's a good idea to have a helper available who can step in and hold the horse if needed.

Some horses are comfortable on crossties, while others are calmer in their stalls. Whichever location you choose, make sure that you can quickly get out of the way if the horse decides that he doesn't like the massage.

As you massage your horse, watch your horse for reactions and signs of discomfort. Horses are very good at letting you know when you've hit a sore or tight area. It takes some horses longer to get used to being massaged than others, so be patient and keep the session short if your horse seems uncomfortable or confused. With a little time, most horses figure out that massage feels good and will come to look forward to the session.

While massaging your horse might feel strange at first, the more often that you do it the more you'll develop a feel for what is normal for your horse's body. Massage is a great way to give your horse a nice treat that feels great.

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Wonder What an Equine Massage Looks Like?