Woman Wearing a Dress and Heels Jumps into a Pool to Rescue a Horse

Posted by Paige Cerulli
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When a former horse trainer found herself needing to rescue a horse, she jumped into a pool despite being in heels and a dress.

The trainer, Denise Casares, had previously worked with the horse, CD. While living at his current owners' farm, CD managed to escape from his paddock and stepped on top of the pool cover. The horse fell into the pool, where he became trapped in the freezing water.

CD managed to get himself to the shallow end of the pool, but was in desperate need of rescue. When Robin Morrison Murray spotted CD in the pool of her parents' farm, she called Denise. 

Denise quickly arrived at the property and wasted no time in assessing what needed to be done. She sometimes cares for CD, so she knew the horse well. Denise, who was wearing her church clothes, got into the pool and spent about 30 minutes working to free the horse.

First, Denise got a halter and lead rope on CD.

Next, she worked on leading him out of the pool.

When it comes to needing to rescue a horse, you never know what to expect. The best thing to do is to be prepared with extra halters, ropes, and equipment that you can quickly access. You can also call emergency services for help and resources. Some towns are even investing in large animal rescue supplies and training for their first responders.

Denise's dedication exemplifies the lengths that equestrians are willing to go to for their horses. Heels? Dresses? They're nothing to worry about when a horse's safety is at stake.

Have you ever had to help a horse out of a tight spot? Tell us about it in the comments.

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Woman Wearing a Dress and Heels Jumps into a Pool to Rescue a Horse