Woman Spends Life Savings to Save Miniature Guide Horse

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When a woman's miniature guide horse gets seriously sick, she faces a tough decision that no animal lover ever wants to have to make. 

Sometimes, you'd do anything for that special animal. When Ann Edie's miniature guide horse fell ill, she knew she had to save the mini who had done so much for her. But when Edie and her husband (both retired) faced $30,000 in vet bills, it made for some difficult choices.

Edie was paired with Panda in 2003. Panda, who is 29 inches tall, was trained by a special seeing eye horse guide, specially for blind people. Since then, Panda the miniature guide horse has been by Edie's side.

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What do you do when saving your pet, your friend, is astronomically expensive? In Edie's case, she made it work, despite the medical bills. See the inspiring story below.

Edie spent her life savings on Panda's vet bills. Luckily for Edie, the community helped her with $10,000 in donations. Panda received the care he needed, has recovered, and is back at Edie's side every day.

Miniature horses are quickly gaining popularity as guide and service animals. They have a longer average lifespan than guide dogs do, which is an advantage considering the intense training and cost that goes into guide and service animals.

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Mini horses are small enough to travel into public spaces, but are also strong enough to help support disabled people, the visually impaired, and anyone else who may need it. Mini guide horses are also easy to train with voice commands, have a generally calm nature, and are relatively inexpensive to feed.

Do you think we'll see more miniature horses as service guide animals in the future? Please tell us in the comments below. 

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Woman Spends Life Savings to Save Miniature Guide Horse