Woman Saves Piglet from Highway Using Cherry Strudel

Posted by Katherine Ripley
Eric Kilby/Flickr

The rescued piglet has been named Cherry.

Tamala Lester got a call a few days ago from a concerned driver on Interstate 80 in New Jersey about a piglet that was wandering around on the side of the highway, WFMZ reported. Lester is the founder and director of The Barnyard Sanctuary in Columbia, New Jersey, so she's known for rescuing animals.

Lester drove out to the reported location to rescue the piglet, but every time she tried to get close to her, the piglet ran away. So she began to tear off pieces of a cherry strudel and by tossing them in front of the piglet, enticed her to come closer. She eventually came close enough for Lester to catch her.

Lester says the pig was well cared for, wherever she came from, but thinks she was probably abandoned on the side of the road. She put out announcements on social media to attempt to locate the pig's owner, but no one has come forward.

Lester has named the rescued piglet Cherry, who seems to be happy at The Barnyard Sanctuary. She could be adopted, but Lester said she will probably keep her and use her as a "spokes-pig" for the sanctuary. She might also use Cherry to teach people about having pigs as pets, so that they aren't abandoned, like Cherry was.

Cherry seems to be on board with Lester's plan.

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Woman Saves Piglet from Highway Using Cherry Strudel