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Woman Quits Job, Searches 57 Days for Missing Dog


"I yelled her name and she came right to me," said the owner of this missing dog after searching for 57 days.

This is the best story of the week. I would do the same thing this woman did and quit my job to find my missing dog. A couple searched for over 50 days! They were on vacation in Montana and their dog 'Katie' took off during a thunderstorm when they were out of the hotel.

This 7-year-old dog was missing in a strange place. What would you do? They stayed and bought night goggles and sat in some fields hoping they'd catch her this way.

According to an interview with ABC News, for more than 50 days they searched everywhere. They ran classified ads and put up posters. The reunion is heart-breaking.


The Washington couple never gave up!

The Spokesman also interviewed the owner about her experience.

"As the days turned into weeks, word about Katie spread like wildfire online, spurring the creation of multiple Facebook groups of users who offered words of encouragement and shared information about recent sightings in hopes of bringing Katie home. King posted at least 500 flyers around the county, searched into the night and set up a few game cameras in spots where Katie had been spotted."

All this effort was worth all the emotional pain and suffering these owners went through.


We write a lot about missing pets. I just purchased 'The Whistle' which is a GPS collar and as long as there is a cell tower, my dog can be tracked. He's also microchipped. I'm no longer taking any chances as I have some travel coming up!

I'm so happy for this couple! This is the worst feeling and I wanted to cry when I saw them reunite.

Katie is a Border Collie and while they are one of the smartest breeds I'm sure this dog was high-fiving the friends she met on her adventures when she knew mom was sticking around to find her.

Tears of happiness went on and on as this woman and her husband reunited with Katie. When I think about the feeling the owner must have had at the front desk asking if they had seen her dog! After searching the hotel grounds for days and weeks and not finding her beloved dog she must have started to lose hope but she didn't.


Instead, she quit her job and went into a lengthy search phase which involved everything from joining local missing pets Facebook groups to putting up fliers with Katie's description.

Social media helped spread the word and this lost dog was finally seen by someone. The owners stayed in good spirits the entire time. She knew she'd find her Katie girl.

Have your dogs done this to guests? Please leave a comment and let us know what you did!

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