Woman Puts Her Dog in Duffel Bag and Rides Her Bike Away from Flames

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woman and dog after fire
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For Natasha Wallace of Santa Rosa, California, fleeing the wildfires without her dog was not an option.

On Monday at 2 a.m., Wallace was driving home after a long night of studying when she realized she was in danger.

The Santa Rosa Junior College soccer player noticed one of the California wildfires was heading straight for her home.

Some people's first thought might be to drive far far away, but Wallace's first thought was to save her dog Bentley.

"I would never part ways with my dog. Ever," Wallace told FOX 40. "That's my ride or die."

Wallace returned home, put the four-year-old pit bull into her car, and took off, but she quickly hit traffic due to others evacuating. Meanwhile, the fire continued to advance.

"It was coming faster than I could leave in traffic, so I went back and got my bike," Wallace said.

As soon as Wallace returned home for the second time, she got out of her car, grabbed her duffel bag, and got on her bike.

"So I grabbed my dog and I told him, 'Hey man, this is serious, you need to just sit in the bag.' And he, he hopped right in," Wallace said of the 70-pound pit.

With Bentley secure, Walled took off on the bike. Miles down the road, a driver, Paul Johnson, spotted the pair and gave them a ride the rest of the way.

When Wallace returned to her home later that week, she knew she made the right choice, as all that remains are charred foundations.

California fire damage
Image via gofundme

"You don't even see a resemblance of what it used to be," she said.

Everything Wallace owned is now gone. Thankfully, she and Bentley made it out alive. To help with the costs of relocating, Wallace has started a fundraiser via gofundme. To learn more or to donate, click here.

Have you ever had to save your dog? If so, tell us about it in comments section below!

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Woman Puts Her Dog in Duffel Bag and Rides Her Bike Away from Flames