Woman Opens Mailbox to Find Abandoned Guinea Pig Inside

Posted by Krissy Howard
Guinea pig in mailbox
Lyon County Sheriff's Office/Facebook

One Kansas woman was met with a very special delivery when she opened her mailbox to find an abandoned guinea pig inside! 

Huddled up way in the back, the little guinea pig, who has since been named Rosita, was found with no food or water inside the dark mailbox. She was reportedly very scared, according to the woman who found her.

The woman immediately called her local police department, who then attempted to determine whether the guinea pig somehow crawled into the mailbox herself, or was deliberately placed there by the person who abandoned her.

Rosita was taken to nearby Emporia Animal Shelter, where staff workers named her after her two rose-red eyes. A local vet found her to be in good health and determined that she is a young adult female.

 sheriff holding guinea pig
Lyon County Sheriff's Office/Facebook

The Lyon County Sheriff's Office has since determined that Rosita was, indeed, abandoned on purpose, and charges are currently pending against the person they believe is responsible for the crime.

Because Rosita's case in now in the hands of the law, she will have to remain at the shelter until the issue is resolved, but shelter staff hopes that this little lady guinea pig will be available for adoption very soon.

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Woman Opens Mailbox to Find Abandoned Guinea Pig Inside