Trucker Stranded in Snow Storm Receives Little Acts of Kindness from Girl on Horseback

Posted by Paige Cerulli
girl with horse in snowstorm

A stranded trucker never imagined that a young woman would appear to help him, let alone that she would ride a horse through a storm to do it.

Horses used to be the ultimate all-terrain, all-weather vehicle. And so when 18-year-old Eileen Eagle Bears spotted a stranded trucker near her house during a snowstorm, she decided to mount up and ride out to check on him.


Eagle Bears was watching the traffic cams of Manitoba with her mother on Monday night when they saw a stranded trucker on Highway 10. The trucker was located a little over three miles from Eagle Bears' home, and was stranded because of the inclement weather.

Eagle Bears decided that if the trucker was still there the next morning, she would ride her horse, Mr. Smudge, out to him to bring him coffee.

Come Tuesday morning, the driver still stuck, Eagle Bears put a blanket on Mr. Smudge, mounted up, and began her trek out to the driver. Eagle Bears and Mr. Smudge safely reached the truck, and Eagle Bears knocked on the window, waking up the driver, who had been sleeping. He was surprised to see his young visitor, and Eagle Bears told him that if he was still there in the evening, she'd bring him dinner.

That evening, Eagle Bears stayed true to her word, returning with dinner for the driver. He was grateful for Eagle Bears' dedication and kindness, and was finally able to move his truck later Tuesday night after being stranded for 28 hours.

"I'm thoroughly enjoying seeing her get the recognition she deserves for being such a good person," Heather, Eagle Bears' mother, told BuzzFeed Canada.

Sometimes it's the smallest kindnesses that make the greatest difference.

And people have noticed. Since Eagle Bears posted the image on Facebook, it has been shared over a thousand times.

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Trucker Stranded in Snow Storm Receives Little Acts of Kindness from Girl on Horseback