Woman Makes Habit of Rescuing Guinea Pigs, Gets Endless Snuggles

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All photos via Anya Grosenbaugh.

There is no such thing as too many guinea pigs in this Florida home.

Anya Grosenbaugh has a soft spot for guinea pigs. She's made a habit out of rescuing cavies, whether they're ill, pregnant, or simply no longer wanted.

Anya and her husband Danny have opened their home to six guinea pigs and counting. Four guinea pigs have been rescued over the years, adding to an ever-growing menagerie.

Little Vera, a white-faced tri-color smooth-coated American guinea pig, was the first rescue. Anya found Vera at a pet store suffering from an upper respiratory infection due to poor living conditions.

**correction- Big Girls can be friends on the couch but cannot even look at each other in the pen. Pig logic. ?

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She knew Vera would require a lot of immediate medical attention, and Anya had it in her heart to provide that care for the tiny animal. Her husband even learned how to syringe-feed Vera.

Even though Vera's medical troubles turned out to be chronic, Anya has no regrets. In fact, she's happy with how much knowledge she has gleaned on small animal health through caring for Vera.

After Vera's mate passed away, Mitzi joined the clan. The Grosenbaughs drove 6.5 hours to Fort Lauderdale to find Vera a friend at Crazy Cavies rescue. But Anya told Wide Open Pets Vera did not behave herself during various meet-and-greets, snapping at a number of introduced piggies.

This little Christmas mess ? and this lovely homemade card from Pig Grandmom! ?? #cutepic @peoplepets

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The staff at Crazy Cavies were understanding, though, and knew just the pig for Vera. They introduced her to Mitzi. Whether Vera was just exhausted from a day of meeting new faces or actually took an immediate liking to Mitzi, the Grosenbaughs will never know. But Anya said both guinea pigs laid down and shared a piece of Romaine lettuce together.

Mitzi and Vera look like twins, but Anya is able to tell them apart by the color of their faces. Mitzi has a brown nose.

Aberdeen was the next rescue. She stands out among the rest as a"skinny pig"--an almost hairless breed. Anya came across Aberdeen when she was doing some work on promoting guinea pig ownership. An ad popped up for this cavy in need of a home. It turned out Aberdeen was located in the same city that Anya and Danny were headed to for vacation.

The Grosenbaughs met with the family and learned that a guinea pig was just too much work for them, so they wanted to re-home her. The rest was history and Aberdeen made the drive back to the Grosenbaugh house!

Sometimes Aberdeen even wears a sweater.


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Douglas was the most recent guinea pig rescue. Anya found him on Craigslist with an ad seeking immediate adoption but offering no housing supplies. She thought it odd and reached out to the woman.

The ad was for a female guinea pig, and Anya continued asking if it was possible that the guinea pig was pregnant. It turned out the owner thought this was the case! The owner had seen her male guinea pig mounting the pig and assumed she had been impregnated.

But that didn't stop Anya from wanting to give this piggy a good life. She met with the owner and left with the piggy at her side. However, upon closer inspection, Anya and Danny soon discovered that this guinea pig was, in fact, a male! The other guinea pig had merely been exerting his dominance.

Mitzi sitting on a comfy watching Seinfeld. ???

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Anya called the previous owner to see if this would change her mind about wanting to give away the piggy, but she did not want the cavy back. And so the pig became Douglas!

A number of guinea pigs have entered the Grosenbaugh household. Anya and Danny have fond memories of Winnie and Elsie. Like any guinea pig lover knows, the two will never be forgotten.

And here's one with the pig dad! The whole fam (just missing the Dougie) ??

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All of the guinea pigs have unique personalities. Anya says Vera has grown into a "crotchety lady" who loves eating pumpkin cookies. Mitzi enjoys "pancaking," squishing herself as flat as possible to relish long naps. Aberdeen is described as a "snuggling connoisseur." Douglas, on the other hand, is "bursting with happiness" and frequently has the zoomies, running around the house.


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Anya hopes to continue educating people about guinea pigs and making sure that they all find loving forever homes! These guinea pigs live a great life with their big family. They go on many adventures, including the animal blessings every year at the couples' church, the park, the beach, and even go on road trips.

In fact, that's how the guinea pigs got their own Instagram. Anya was taking a social media class in graduate school. Students were told to create and manage a social media account, and Anya thought this was the perfect opportunity to share her tiny family with the world! You can follow this furry clan on Instagram via @anyaspiggies.
All photos via Anya Grosenbaugh.

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Woman Makes Habit of Rescuing Guinea Pigs, Gets Endless Snuggles