This Woman Makes a Business of Having Dogs in Weddings

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If you've ever wanted your dog at your wedding, Veronica Silva can make it happen. 

Pets are truly part of the family, so to many dog owners, it's a no-brainer that their pups should be present on their special day. Last year, Silva was just a bride-to-be trying to figure out how her dog could attend her wedding, but now she helps make this dream a reality for countless other pet owners, thanks to her new business Pawfect For You.

Silva and her husband Joey rescued their dog JakeBear from the North Shore Animal League in March of 2014. He is a belly rub-loving, treat-eating running partner, and when she and Joey got married last year, Silva knew he just had to be present. However, getting him there turned out to be far from easy.

On her website, Silva explains the dilemma:

"I was trying to find a pet sitting service that would take care of our dog on our wedding day, but would also bring JakeBear to the church and venue to be in some of our pictures. Of course at a minimum, that meant driving the dog to the church for pictures after the ceremony, and I didn't want to ask one of our friends, since they were all part of our wedding."

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To Silva, it seemed like a problem that needed a solution. In 2016 she launched Pawfect For You, a unique pet sitting service that specializes in wedding-day pet care. The company, based out of Malverne, New York, provides transportation, bathing, pet-sitting, and overnight lodging for the couples' fur-babies.

It is an all-inclusive answer for owners who don't want to burden a guest with dog care, but still want their pet present on their big day.

Pawfect For You currently serves New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. In addition to weddings, they also provide services for proposals, engagement parties and engagement pictures, rehearsals, and more.

In a video from, Silva explained what she loves best about her job.

"I love this, being able to go to couples' special events where they're already ecstatic and in a wonderful mood," she said. "Having their pet there elates them more."

Rates run $75 an hour, and overnight accommodations are $50 per night. You can request a quote for services on the Pawfect For You website ... or if it sounds like you dream job, you can apply for a job there, too.

Would you want your pet to be present on your wedding day? Tell us in the comments below!

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This Woman Makes a Business of Having Dogs in Weddings