Woman Knits Packers Hats for Cats and Fans Can't Get Enough

Posted by Jason Sarna
Photo by James Sternitzky via Green Bay Press-Gazette
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Cats like football, too!

According to Green Bay Press-Gazette, Colleen Sternitzky, a fiber artist who creates under the name Eldamar Arts & Crafts, began making the Packers hats a few years back. She got the idea from a book her friend gave her about cats in hats.

Sternitzky typically brings the green and gold hats to various local sales events, where they typically sell out.

Sternitzky, who has been knitting for 50 years, said:

"It's hard to keep them in stock. They just fly out of the baskets when I make them."

The hats are crafted specifically for felines with ear holes up top, as according to Sternizky, cats are not fans of having their ears smooshed.

She and her husband James live with three cats named Kitzu, Kiki, and Hoshi. For the past several years, they have been sending out Christmas cards with the cats wearing matching hats.

This year's Christmas card features the three cats sitting together with their Packers hats and capes. The cats appear to be extremely well behaved; however, each cat was photographed separately and then placed together using Photoshop.

Sternitzky uses acrylic yarn for the hats, which take her about an hour to knit. She sells them for $5 plus shipping.

If you're wondering if she makes cat hats for other football teams, the answer is no. However, she may make some hats of rival teams like the Minnesota Vikings or Chicago Bears for next year.

Although cat owners agree that most cats aren't going to wear a hat of any kind, they do make for a funny photo. If you are interested in purchasing a Packers hat for your cat, you can contact Sternitzky at [email protected]

Do you want a Packers hat for your cat? Let us know in the comments!

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Woman Knits Packers Hats for Cats and Fans Can't Get Enough