Woman Goes to Shelter and Asks for the Dog That's Been There the Longest

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woman and dog
Front Street Animal Shelter / Via cityofsacramento.org

Senior pups need forever homes, too!

Melanie Andrews went to Front Street Animal Shelter and asked them to show her "the longest resident they had at the shelter and the one that kept getting passed over."

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Jake, a mixed-breed pooch with terminal cancer and skin and teeth problems, was that dog.

"On his kennel was a sign saying, 'Hi, I am Jake and I have been around here for awhile now!'" Andrews said. "'I am 12 years old. I am small and I hope someone will adopt me into their lovely family soon. I am a mellow guy and I would love your company.'"

"You could see he was a fighter and wanted to go to a home, something he missed," Andrews said.

Andrews' husband passed away last January, and her dog Lola died in February. She decided to get a new dog after her granddaughters said she "needed another dog to keep me company," she told BuzzFeed.


Even though Andrews knows she might not have much time with Jake, she's cherishing their time together.

"He's extremely friendly and already in guard mode for me," she said. "He's a love to be around. I hope his story means that a lot of dogs who get passed over get new homes."

Have you ever adopted a senior pet? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Woman Goes to Shelter and Asks for the Dog That's Been There the Longest