Woman Finds Her Heart Horse from a Texas Rescue

Posted by Paige Cerulli
All photos via The Dodo

When Kimberly Lewis set out to find her heart horse, she never imagined she would find her in a worn-down horse at a Texas rescue.

Imagine if someone offered to buy you a horse, the horse of your dreams. Your heart horse. You'd go crazy, right? That's what happened to Kimberly Lewis, when her husband offered to buy her a horse. Lewis wanted to ride, and set out in search of a horse perfect for her.

When looking for a riding horse, generally you'd look for a horse which had good experience, was in good health, and had a sheen to its coat and life in its eye. Lewis looked at several horses, but never felt that she really made a connection with any of them.

And that's when she drove past an animal rescue in Texas. Lewis spotted a palomino mare which had recently arrived at the shelter. The mare was in rough shape. She was underweight, had a matted mane and tail, needed farrier work, and had no sparkle in her eye. She'd previously been used for breeding before being brought to the shelter. She was a sorry sight to behold.

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Yet, Lewis felt a connection with this mare and knew that she had to bring her home. She gave the rescue $50 for her and named the mare Dolly.

Lewis took Dolly home, not knowing if she'd ever been ridden or if she would ever be sound and healthy enough to ride.


When Lewis brought Dolly home, the mare weighed 812 pounds. But under Lewis' care, slowly the horse began to recover. She gained weight, and now weighs 1,400 pounds. Her coat regained its shine, and she grew stronger. But most importantly of all, the sparkle returned to her eyes and she began to exhibit her fun-loving and goofy personality.

dolly i

Dolly is only four or five years old, but thanks to Lewis' faith, she has a second chance at life. She's proven to be Lewis' heart horse and the two should have many great years together ahead of them.

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All photos via The Dodo.

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Woman Finds Her Heart Horse from a Texas Rescue