Woman Converts Van into Little Home to Travel the World with Her Dog

Posted by Paige Cerulli

With a serious case of wanderlust, a woman is determined to take her van and her dog and travel the world. 

Most dogs love road trips. Marina Piro is counting on this, as she sets out to travel the world with her rescue labradoodle mix, Odie, and her van named Pam. Piro lives in the UK and loves to travel, and plans to do so for as long as she possibly can. She's documenting her adventures via her Instagram page and on her blog.

The caveat? Piro is traveling alone, with just Odie as her canine companion. She's renovated her van all on her own, and has turned it into a functional space which now includes a bed, a kitchenette, LED lighting, and even some plants. She researched how to do the renovation for about two months, and with no construction experience, tackled the project all on her own.

As for how Odie enjoys the trip? Piro states that he's loving the traveling. In a blog entry, Piro explains that one of the main reasons why she chose to travel by van was because it would allow her to have Odie with her. Piro notes that Odie travels in the van very well, and her blog has some excellent advice if you're planning on traveling with your dog.

Piro's adventures look truly amazing. How freeing to get to see the world with your dog by your side? Take a look at just some of her journey so far.

I think he appreciates the view as much as I do #vanlife #pamthevan #Odie #hiking #valferret #italy

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The odd couple ❤ #Odie #pamthevan

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We can't wait to see more of Odie and Piro's adventures as they travel the world together as best friends.

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Woman Converts Van into Little Home to Travel the World with Her Dog