Woman Adopts Near-Dying Betta Fish and Saves the Littlest Life

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A pet store's betta fish was knocking on death's door until this good Samaritan nursed him back to health.

When Reddit user Astilaroth entered a local pet store, she found a betta fish floating near listless at the surface of its tank. The fish, normally a brilliant color with flowing fins, was pale, with over half of its fins and tail missing.

Astilaroth made a quick decision to try to save the animal, or at the very least, give him a comfortable end. She refused to pay for him, insisting on adopting him out of the lackluster care he'd been under.

betta fish

Once home, Astilaroth placed the fish in a specially monitored quarantine tank to allow his fin rot to heal. Fin rot is a bacterial infection typically caused by poor water quality.

Despite his improved tank conditions, the betta's fins continued to flake off over the next few days. The fish wouldn't eat for nearly two weeks. His prognosis seemed poor. She began considering humane euthanasia.

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But suddenly, at the two-week mark, his appetite returned. As his energy improved, Astilaroth began adding more enrichment to his tank, still trying not to get her hopes up. She soon moved him into a new tank. Almost immediately, she reported that the fish's fins appeared to be growing back. His color, too, seemed to be returning.

betta fish

In a month's time, the betta fish transformed into a beautiful purple, blue, and red fish with a flowing tail and fins.

betta fish

Astilaroth took a chance on an animal many wouldn't take a chance on, much like a Texas man took a chance on a handicapped swimmer that the Internet named Wheelchair Goldfish. Stories like these are reminders that the littlest lives matter!

What story do you know of a human taking a chance on an animal in need? Share with us in the comments below!

All images via Astilaroth/Reddit/ H/T: Honest to Paws.

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Woman Adopts Near-Dying Betta Fish and Saves the Littlest Life