$29 RSPCA Adoption Event Aims to Clear Shelters This Weekend

Posted by Tori Holmes
Animals for adoption at RSPCA NSW

In a desperate attempt to reduce the number of animals in their shelters, the RSPCA in New South Wales, Australia is lowering adoption fees to just $29.

For this weekend only, pets of all shapes and sizes will be available for adoption at a very reduced cost. Right now, the RSPCA has everything from household pets to livestock in their care and they hope that with this event each of these animals will find their forever home.

While the adoption fees may be discounted, each potential adopter will still go through the same rigorous screening process. Thanks to this thorough screening, the RSPCA doesn't see a higher return rate, even with big adoption pushes like the one this weekend.

Jemma the Greyhound/Mastiff is looking to be adopted this weekend.
Jemma the Greyhound/Mastiff is looking to be adopted this weekend.

It's no surprise that RSPCA staff predict that their puppies and kittens will be the first to be adopted, but they urge potential adopters to consider senior animals or those with special needs.

Cruz is also looking for a home.

"A lot of our shelters are quite full, especially with kitten season, so we really just want to see our animals go to new homes," said RSPCA spokeswoman Stefania Kubowicz..

"Ideally we'd like to have them (shelters) empty by the end.

The great thing about adopting an older pet is that they are often already well trained and need less exercise than their younger counterparts. As for pets with behavioral or special needs, shelter staff will have already worked with them prior to adoption to get them ready to transition to life with a family.

If you're in New South Wales and think that you ready to open your home to a new family member of any species, including chickens, visit an RSPCA NSW shelter, Care Centre or Petbarn Adoption centers this weekend.

Lenny will rule the roost

All images courtesy of RSPCA NSW

Are you in New South Wales? Will you be attending this adoption weekend event? Let us know in the comments!

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