Wire Horse Sculpture to Honor Three-Time Grand National Winner, Red Rum

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Three-time Grand National winner Red Rum will be immortalized with a beautiful wire sculpture at Aintree this April.

Three-time Grand National winner Red Rum will be immortalized with a wire sculpture this April. The sculpture is set to be revealed at Aintree and will mark the 40-year anniversary since the steeplechaser last won the iconic race.

Artist Paul Tavernor has spent three months crafting the sculpture. Tavenor told Horse and Hound;

 "When I learned that Red Rum -- this beautiful and superb racehorse -- was celebrating the 40th anniversary of him winning his third Grand National, it took me straight back to my childhood memories of me and my family, huddled around a small TV in the 1970s, urging him on to win."

Red rum horse sculpture

Red Rum was massively successful, winning the Grand National in 1973, 1974, and 1977. He was runner-up in the race in 1975 and 1976, and is the most successful horse in the race's history. He's the only horse to have ever won the race on three separate occasions.

The sculpture will be placed close to Red Rum's resting place near the finish line. Tavenor said of the sculpture;

"I have called him 'To The Wire' to reflect that poise, that grit, that determination of heading towards the winning post, that all racehorses and jockeys face as they race towards the finishing post."

Horse and Hound

Red Rum, an Irish-bred Thoroughbred, was trained by Ginger McCain. His Grand National wins made him an internationally celebrated champion, and his 1973 victory, in which he came from 30 lengths behind to win the race, is still celebrated as one of the iconic moments in the race's history.

Red Rum was retired when, a day before he was to run in the 1978 Grand National, he suffered a hairline fracture. He lived to an incredible age 30 and died in 1995. The Red Rum Handicap Race at Aintree is held in his honor.

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