Best in Show Winners at the 2016 Wetminster Kennel Club Dog Show

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All images via Stephanie Keith/Getty Images

Over the past couple days 2,751 dogs competed in the 140th Westminster Kennel Club in New York. Check out who won Best in Show. 

Yesterday, Tuesday February, 16 was a big day for over 2,000 dogs that have been training all year to compete for Best in Show. This year marked the 140th year for the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and the final winner was a three-year-old male German Shorthaired Pointer named C.J.

C.J. has quite the legacy. His handler, Valerie Nunes-Atkinson won the Junior Showmanship award at Westminster when she was only 15 and C.J.'s grandmother, Carlee, won Best in Show in 2005. C.J. was ready to win in 2016, as was Nunes-Atkinson.

"I just couldn't believe it," she said after the show. "For us in the sport, this is the pinnacle. This is what we strive for, what we shed tears over. The best dogs come here. This is the show to win."

C.J. is the third German Shorthaired Pointer to win Best in Show.


The runner-up was a three-year-old Borzoi named Lucy who won the title of 2016's Reserved Best in Show. She placed first in the Hound category.


The Wetminster Kennel Club Dog Show is the largest dog show in the world and to win Best in Show is no small feat. Every year more breeds are invited to compete; this year 199 different dog breeds were at the show.


The show that took place in Madison Square Garden is over, and now it is time to start training for next year!

All images via Stephanie Keith/Getty Images

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Best in Show Winners at the 2016 Wetminster Kennel Club Dog Show