Willow the Cat Has the Best Costume Halloween Has Ever Seen

Posted by Tori Holmes
Avocato halloween costume
Willow the Squishy Cat

Halloween hasn't even happened yet, but I think we've already found a winner for the year's best costume.

For the first few years of her life, Willow was owned by a hoarder who used her repeatedly for breeding purposes. It was only once she was rescued and adopted by a loving family that she realized her true passion in life: Halloween costumes.

During the month of October, which Willow's owners adorably dubbed "Willoween," this squishy kitty helped us all get into the holiday spirit by modeling a new costume every day of the month.

While there were certainly some adorable outfits worn, there was one costume that takes the cake: The avocato.

I KNOW GUAC IS EXTRA ??Thanks @annecyusername for the suggestion! #willoween #avocado #avocato

A photo posted by Willow (@willowthesquishycat) on

It may be the simplicity of the costume or her squishy little face as the pit of a delicious avocado, but we can't get enough!

If the costume itself wasn't cute enough, just take a look at her hilarious facial expressions while wearing it. It's almost like she's imagining how good it would taste to have her face in a real avocado.

Keep the costumes coming, Willow. You're the real queen of Halloween, you silly avocato!

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Willow the Cat Has the Best Costume Halloween Has Ever Seen