William Shatner Wins Driving Class, Even After Being Thrown from Cart

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Despite being thrown from his cart, William Shatner made an impressive recovery and went on to show us how true horsemen handle the unexpected. 

When you show horses, unexpected moments are bound to happen. Putting horses - animals whose response to fear is generally to spook or bolt - in the busy environment of a horse show only increases the chances that something will go wrong. But skilled horsemen can often recover from these incidents, going on to have a successful show day. William Shatner is one of these horsemen.

The actor is an avid horseman who both rides and drives, and when things went wrong during a recent driving class, Shatner handed it like a pro. Despite being thrown from his cart, he recovered, even going on to win his driving class.

Take a look at the incident below.

Being able to recover from an incident and move on is one of the most important - and one of the most difficult - lessons for riders to learn. There's an element of fear when things go wrong, and it's hard to shake off the fact that we can get seriously hurt in this sport. However, the more that we make of a spook or a bolt, the more we're increasing the chance of it happening again in the future.

It's particularly true when you're riding a spooky horse. If you make a big deal of a spook, you're reinforcing the fact that the horse was right to have been afraid. Instead, simply focusing on resuming the ride with the least amount of commotion as possible can reassure your horse while hopefully also teaching him that the spook was unwarranted.

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As riders, we deal with the unexpected every day. The better we can move on and regain our focus afterward, the better the potential outcome for each and every ride and horse show.

What's the most unusual thing to have happened to you at a show? Let us know in the comments below!

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William Shatner Wins Driving Class, Even After Being Thrown from Cart