Will You Bury Your Dog on Dog Mountain?

Posted by Mateja Lane

A chapel in Vermont is a place we can leave messages and pay condolences to our lost four-legged best friends. 

From the moment we connect with our canine friends we dread the day we have to say goodbye.

Artist Stephen Huneck said the worst thing he was told when he lost his furry friend was that, "It was just a dog."

His lost friend was not just a dog. So he took it upon himself to build the dog chapel in St. Johnsbury, Vermont, a place where dog lovers can say goodbye to their pets.

The dog chapel is a place where people from across the country pilgrimage to really say goodbye by leaving a message that they know will always be there.

The walls are covered with post-it notes and photographs of dogs who passed away. Complete with stained glass images of dogs, the dog chapel is a beautiful place of reverence, yet lacking a formal religion.

It is a place where the dog owner can sit, reflect, and remember the good times with their pets.

In addition to the chapel on Dog Mountain is a full unleashed dog park where locals or travelers can play with their four-legged friends in the refreshing Vermont countryside.

Will you be making the pilgrimage to Dog Mountain when your furry pal leaves this world and heads to squirrel heaven?

Tell us in the comments below.

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Will You Bury Your Dog on Dog Mountain?