Will the Pill Pupper Be the Answer to Giving Your Pets Medication?

Posted by Paige Cerulli
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If you're tired of the mess and challenge of giving your pet medication, the Pill Pupper could be the answer to your prayers. 

If you've ever tried to give your dog or cat medication, then you know just what an ordeal it can be. Concealing a pill inside a treat or bit of food never seems to work - or if it does, it just works once. So, you may resort to shooting the pill down the back of your pet's throat, but that in itself can be difficult. And if the pet catches the pill and spits it out? Well, it's a mess, you're wasting medication, and ugh. There has to be an easier way, right? Well, the Pill Pupper might be that solution that we've all been waiting for.

The Pill Pupper eliminates the need for pill concealment treats, pill guns, and other tricks of the trade. You start by filling the middle of the device with a treat, like peanut butter or cheese. You can even use your favorite homemade recipe. Then, you place your pet's medication inside the treat. Close up the Pill Pupper and feed the treat (and pill) to your pet. They should take the treat willingly, without even realizing that they're taking their medicine, too.

The Pill Pupper has special space indicators so that you can put multiple pills into the device, preparing several doses at the same time. Store the device in the fridge and use it for future medication dosages. There's no need to fill the device every time, which saves you time, especially when you have to give your pet their medication first thing in the morning or late at night.

The Pill Pupper is currently on Kickstarter, and was created by a dog owner from Austin, Texas who was tired of the headache of giving his miniature Dachshunds medication. He created the prototype in his garage, realized how other pet owners could benefit from the product, and has been working toward production ever since. Whether you need to give your cat a pill or it's time for your dog to take his medication, this might be the perfect solution.

Want to get in on the Pill Pupper at a special, early-bird price? Then be sure to check out the Kickstarter and get one for your pets. We bet they will thank you for it.

Will you be investing in a Pill Pupper? Tell us in the comments below. 

All images: Kickstarter

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Will the Pill Pupper Be the Answer to Giving Your Pets Medication?