Will Do Tricks for Treats: 15 Dogs Showing Trick-or-Treat Isn't Just for Kids

Posted by Stacey Venzel
Halloween dog

"Trick or treat. Smell their feet. Give these puppies something good to eat."

Halloween isn't just for the little ones--though grown-ups need to admit their youthful days of ringing doorbells for candy have come and gone.

However, dogs, be they puppies or geriatrics, can join the fun every year. And let's be honest, most of them do. Thankfully, they usually put on a costume just like the kids. But they leave the doorbell ringing for the humans.

"Life goals: Get more treats than the mini humans."

"We didn't even have to do tricks for these treats."

Waiting for treats #winniethepooh #wonderwoman #superman #pilot #pumpkin #dogtrickortreat #happyhalloween

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"They told us if we wore a costume, we'd get treats. WHERE ARE THEY!?"

"I'm a scary spider. Gimme all your Pupperoni Sticks."

Best Spider dog costume....He better win!! #shirlingtonvillage #dogtrickortreat #copperwoodtavern

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"I'm adorable in costume. So why is my bucket still empty?"

"Boo. Now fill our buckets."

#halloween #puppy #puppies #toocute #aww #puppycostume #puppytrickortreat

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"I only agreed to this scary nighttime neighborhood stroll if I was carried."

#cute #toocute #aww #puppytrickortreat #puppycostume #puppy #puppypumpkin

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"We employed the humans to ring the doorbells."

The OGs. #squad #puppytrickortreat #barkersandbeggers #asseenincolumbus

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"Am I late or early?"

#pitbulls #puppytrickortreat

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"Trick-or-treating is harder than it looks."

"Mom said I was grounded so I have to pass out the treats this year."

Maci hoping that all the other dogs in costume will come play. #oldtown #doggytrickortreat #matthewryansalon

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"Homemade costume. Don't care. Just feed me."

Twix showing off her DIY costume #doggytrickortreat #happyhalloween #twixisatwix

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"Robot Dogs: Will Work for Food."

"We didn't win first place in the costume contest, but we still got what we came for."

The #DoggyTrickorTreat Honorable Mention Group: #Minions #halloween #pethalloween #dogsofinstagram #dogsofalexandria

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"If the Yellow Brick Road is lined with dog food, then we'll play dress-up any day."

Jokes aside, Halloween can be a danger to dogs if the pooches get a hold of chocolate or wrappers. Sometimes the candy smell is so enticing that canines swallow the wrapped candy whole.

But vigilant dog guardians can still have fun with the kids and canines come Halloween. It's good exercise and entertainment for everyone--pooches included.

Does your dog love Halloween? Tell us what your dog will be this year in the comments below.

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Will Do Tricks for Treats: 15 Dogs Showing Trick-or-Treat Isn't Just for Kids