This Wild Turkey Is Stopping Traffic in Upstate New York

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A wild turkey named Tom is stopping traffic in an upstate New York suburb, and motorists don't know what else to do. 

The upstate New York suburb of Amherst has been home to Tom the turkey for anywhere between two and five years, according to a report by the Buffalo News.

Usually seen wandering around the intersection of Paradise and Klein, Tom has become a bit of a fixture, especially when weaving in and out of traffic, which he does often.

"He'll come right up to the window," highway department foreman Jay Collier told the outlet. "He just won't let you go."

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Although almost always a nuisance, Tom has his fans, who often stop to take pictures of the bird wandering the road or circling stopped cars in traffic. He even has his own Facebook page, which is frequently updated with candid photos.

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A male eastern wild turkey, Tom tends to stick to himself despite about 30 other wild turkeys who live in the area. While some people are delighted by the sight of him, others hope that he be relocated away from the neighborhood, as he's been known to stop traffic and has caused several near-accidents in his years roaming the streets.

Mary Faracca, who now avoids the intersection of Paradise and Klein whenever possible, said:

"I wouldn't mind if someone took him somewhere and he didn't come back. It sounds mean, and I'm an animal lover, but I'm surprised there's not been a bad accident. I've seen people almost get killed getting out of their car and motioning to redirect traffic so they don't run over the turkey."

Despite Tom's unpopularity among some, most locals rally around the bird and consider his antics more amusing and only hope that he stays safe out there on those busy New York streets.

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This Wild Turkey Is Stopping Traffic in Upstate New York