Rhino Approaches Photographer
YouTube: Garth de Bruno Austin

Wild Rhino Approaches Photographer, Demands Belly Rubs


When a wild rhinoceros walks up and demands belly rubs, you give her some belly rubs whether you're working or not!  

It was just another day at work for Garth De Bruno Austin, a South Africa-based cinematographer. While filming shots of an orphaned rhino's rescue by Care for Wild rescue center, an unbelievable thing happened - he was approached by a different wild rhinoceros.

What did she want? Belly rubs.

The moment made for a cinematic masterpiece, one that was luckily caught by another videographer. Austin mentioned being humbled by the experience and made a plea to his followers in an Instagram post depicting the ordeal.

"Please think about the fact that if we can't save this iconic species from extinction, then what will we be able to save?"


Austin also goes on to inform everyone that this particular rhino has actually been allowing him to film her for a few years now, which enabled a safe and trusting relationship to form between the two over time.

He made sure to never approached her or encroach on her personal space, instead allowing her to come to him when she felt ready to do so, and strongly recommends that no one ever approach a "truly wild" animal in their habitat to prevent unforeseen injuries for everyone involved. Because while videos like this are truly incredibly, no amount of views is worth the loss of a life, two-legged or four.

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This article was originally published March 17, 2017.

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