His Savior! Wild Foal Saved off Side of Freeway

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When a wild foal is stuck in the middle of a freeway, a human comes to his rescue, reuniting him with his herd. 

Wild horses have long had to coexist with humans, which proves to be more of a challenge as farm and town development encroaches on the horse's natural lands. The Bureau of Land Management is tasked with monitoring and controlling the population and ranging of wild horses, but the problem is that there's no great solution to the issue.

Fact is, wild horses need lots of space to survive, but with herd numbers growing and the availability of open space diminishing, wild horses and humans sometimes mix.

The below video shows one such instance, but in this case the foal was lucky that a kindhearted human came along at the right time. As the videographer's car travels down the freeway, you can spot an animal up ahead.

The foal is frightened, wandering about in the road, when the rescuer stops the car and approaches the frightened animal. With some persistence he's able to grasp the foal and lift it over the metal guardrail, reuniting it with its mother.

The foal is scared of his rescuer, and with good reason. Wild foals quickly learn to fear the unknown in order to stay alive. The foal is also upset because he cannot get to his mother, or to his herd. For wild horses, there is safety in herds. Predators tend to single out a single animal, so the closer that horses can stay together, the safer they are.

So what should you do if you encounter a wild horse in distress? It's best to stay back and assess the situation. Distressed animals, particularly those in pain, may act defensively out of fear.

While the man in this video was successful in catching the wild foal and lifting him over the barrier, the foal also could have kicked and potentially done some damage. In the case of wild horse rescues, it's best to stay back so as to not alarm the animal, and call your local animal control, park ranger, or other wildlife resource.

Professionals will know how to best handle the animals and to prevent further injury during the rescue process.

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His Savior! Wild Foal Saved off Side of Freeway